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Manifest with Ease 10-Day Challenge

Are you bff’s with the Universe?

Or do you have an on-again off-again relationship?

Is the quantum field ghosting you?

Tap into Ten Days of powerful activations that will magnetize you into having the Universe at your beck and call.

This isn't the typical ‘journal 3 times a day’ type of experience. Rather it is...

Meet your Guides:

Manifesting on-demand IS possible.

Iva is a Licensed RTT Hypnotherapist (aka Subconscious Mind Alchemist).
She knows all about the Powers of the Mind.

Desiree is a Clinical Aromatherapist (aka Aroma Wellness Sorcerer). She knows all about the Power of Natural Essences.

So what happens when you put both of these powers together?

*You Go from 3D meh to 5D Magick. *

Because this Challenge works with your mind AND your body,

you get a unique and exhilarating experience designed to unlock your hidden reservoirs of manifestation and propel you forward.

You'll feel lighter, brighter, and more energized… helping you to receive with ease!

You will be stepping into Ten Magical Doors and each one helps turn the wheels on your Manifestation engine:

After you step into every door, you will come out dancing towards your aspirations for the year like a true Manifesting Queen.

Ready to unlock your next level without adding more to your plate?

Upon receiving your Energetic Exchange of $47 USD your access to the private Telegram group will be delivered straight to your Inbox where the Manifesting Magic will happen!

NOTE: If you don't feel you are getting your Energetic investment's worth during this Challenge, we will return your money back, no questions asked!


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The Right Essential Oils make all the difference!

(Fret not- we’ve got you covered.)

We’ll give you the details on which ones we recommend to have on hand and the access to acquire them through us if you don't already (plus we're offering some amazing bonus goodies if you get them from us, wink, wink).

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